Lol I love pewds

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When you see a cute dog

When you see a cute dog


Well hi there! Ew! What a thumbnail! Wanna know how I got this allergic reaction? It’s in my new video on my second channel!

Yep here she is again. I think she’s quite a lovely personality which contradicts everything she says about herself.



Hey guys just found this new and cool British youtuber and her channel is Emma blackery I believe I thought it was blackberry but I guess not. Just spent 5 straight hours watching her. What is my life. I have to “wake up” for a plane in 20 minutes going to the great state of Cali I dunno why I’m telling all this I’m just bored I suppose. B’bye

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NEW VIDEO: “WHAT I DO WHEN I’M HOME ALONE AT ZOELLA’S - as always, if you enjoy the video, push reblog! I’m going to be stalking and following a bunch of people who reblog this :]

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They write movies about pop songs

I believe one is called

"Horton hears a whiney ass bitch with a microphone"

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jesus christ you are literally so stupid for liking and posting all this dumb ass roosterteeth shit just delete your blog already ok


HAHAHAHA jacks films